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Universe 51

Tannhäuser Wars


Universe 51: Tannhäuser Wars (U51:TW) is the first game in the trilogy and it’s a fast-paced first-person shooter, taking some inspiration from games like DOOM and Quake. In team deathmatch (the only mode as of October 2022) the player is part of a group facing an enemy group. Both teams have points called tickets and each player can use tickets from his team to respawn. Once every team members are dead and their team has no more tickets left that team loses the match. It’s a game which follows the good old “easy to learn, hard to master”. It’s very easy to pick up on how the game’s fundamentals work, but it’s increasingly hard to get the hang of all the mechanics to get an edge over your competitors.
As of October 2022, every playable map is located inside an amusement park in Mars, in the year 3415. The park was built for the citizens of Scalabria, the closest metropolis, as a keepsake 20th century Earth.

Universe 51: Tannhäuser Wars was released in Early Access on Steam in May 13th 2022, and will be out of Early Access exactly one year later, May 13th 2023.

Motion Comic

The biggest pirate association in human space. Based on the planet Lumeria, located in the Orion Nebula. They organize many raids to ships and land settlements and any confirmed members are automatically flagged as criminals by the vast majority of governments.


The Pro-Freedom and Pro-Enlightenment faction of Fjelsyn. They share the planet Arnus III with the Klargian Federation, against whom they've had one of the most terrible wars in history.


Universe 51: Tannhäuser Wars currently has 6 weapon classes you can equip in your loadout for a match: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Sniper, SMG, and Melee. Currently there are two different weapons for each class, each with their own stats and functionalities. Additionally, you can temporarily obtain power weapons during a match.

Assault Rifle - Kystrel Arms Automatic Platform, type 12

Assault Rifle - Arnus-Fjelsyn Arsenal Radiant Blaster 16B

Shotguns - Kystrel Arms H-3 Cyclone Multifire

Shotguns - Arnus-Fjelsyn Arsenal Breacher Shotgun

Sniper Rifles - Kystrel Arms Helioplasma Marksman Repeater, type 14

Sniper Rifles - Arnus-Fjelsyn Arsenal Expert Marksman

Pistols - Kystrel Arms PDW-2 Makaira (a.k.a. Chaos Pistol)

Pistols - Arnus-Fjelsyn Arsenal Hand Cannon

SMGs - Kystrel Arms Automatic Platform, type 13

SMGs - Arnus-Fjelsyn Arsenal Stormer Submachine Gun

Melee Weapons - Arnus-Fjelsyn Arsenal Combat 120 Tri-Piercer

Latest News

The Arnus-Fjelsyn Arsenal (AFA) weapon set is a joint project by the Fjelsyn Republic and the Arnusian League, which was created right after the Fjelsynese-Klargian interstellar war. The weapons in this set will have different...

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New Weapon Set + Skin Sets

We're working on a new map on Mars. It's a generator which powers the whole Scalabria Amusement Park, and it's located underground, under the park. This map will be released during Early Access...

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New Maps and More

We've developed a level progression system with 100 levels and rewards for each of them. You will earn in-game content like avatars, weapon skins and other cosmetics...

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